Fata Easy Cooking Foil 50mtr x 50cm

£22.00 +VAT


50cm x 50mt roll

Fata Easy® is the cooking technology registered by Decorfood Italy. It’s the natural evolution of Carta Fata®, whose specifications are nearly preserved, standing the maximum temperature of 200°C.

Fata Easy® lets you prepare your dishes keeping the original food taste and mostly of the nutritional values with a more healthy, light and fast cooking. You can wrap Fata Easy® bags using any raw ingredients such as fish, shellfish, meat and vegetables. Fata Easy® is suitable for all cooking methods: in an oven, steam oven, microwave, deep frier, boiling water, fry-top or pan. Fata Easy® bag can be served directly just like a plate. When you open it, it maintains its semi-round shape preventing any fluids and dressings loss

We can also supply FATA BAGS for a unique ‘mise en place’ cooking. Vacuum packed bags which are suitable for high degrees of cooking (up to 220°C) Ideal for fry-top or grill. Saves on cooking time and cleaning too.

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