Heat Seal Tea Bags 100pcs

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These empty heat and seal tea bags are super easy to seal with a hot iron or heat-sealing machine. The food-grade paper is oxygen bleached.

SMALL 7 x 7cm tea bag holds about one tablespoon. 450gms (one pound) of tea would fill approximately 225 small tea bags.

LARGE 10 x 12 cm tea bag with gusset holds about 250gms (1/2 cup) each

These tea bags are absolutely perfect for bathing herbs, bath salts, sachets, botanicals, potpourri, simmering potpourri, milling spices, and I’m sure you can find many other uses for them.

Choose the size from the options below. Other sizes are available on larger quantities. Please contact us for details and availability.

Composition: 50% Wood pulp, 25% hemp pulp and 25% polypropylene fiber.

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100mm x 120mm, 70mm x 70mm

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