Palm Plates


Palm Leaf Plates, Bowls, Trays and Canape Dishes – 100% Biodegradable and Sustainable. Natures gift, from fallen leaves of the Indian Areca nut tree.

Our wide range of palm plates, palm leaf plates, bowls, canape dishes and serving platters not only add an all-natural touch to your table but also are completely biodegradable, compostable & watertight. These products are toxin-free and one of the most durable and eco-friendly disposable products currently available in the market.  They are ideal for professional event catering where environmental considerations are a key part of the packaging decision making process.
Although they are from 100% natural leaves, the plates are very sturdy and suitable for hot, wet and oily foods. They are microwave-friendly, can be used for baking in a traditional oven or for storing food in the fridge.
Palm leaf tableware is the perfect solution for biodegradable partyware. Palm leaf tableware is made using traditional techniques, pressing naturally fallen palm leaves. These palm leaves are collected and soaked in water. The Palm leaves are then heat pressed into shape and dried in the sun. This process is 100% natural and environmentally friendly throughout the whole production process.
The disposable plates are natural, nature friendly plates and best replacement of Anti-Environment plastics or polymers. It is made from fallen areca palm leaves. Biodegradable palm leaf plates come from a renewable source.
Pure…Natural…Beautiful…Palm Leaf
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Palm Leaf Teardrop Spoon 10cm 100pcs

£16.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPTEARDROP100
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Palm Leaf Canape Spoon 100pcs

£16.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPSPOON140
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Palm Leaf Small Round Dish 8cm 100pcs

£17.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPDISH80
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Palm Leaf Egg Dish 8cm 100pcs

£15.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPEGG80
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Palm Leaf Dip Dish 9x6cm 100pcs

£15.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPREC0906
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Palm Leaf Mini Bowl 7cm 100pcs

£16.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPROUND70
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Palm Leaf Heart Plate 10cm 100pcs

£28.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPHEART10
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Palm Leaf Long Tray 33cm 100pcs

£30.80 +VAT
Product Code: PPREC3309
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Palm Leaf XSmall Bowl 10cm 100pcs

£18.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPROUND10
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Palm Leaf Deep Bowl 11cm 100pcs

£23.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPROUND11D
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Palm Leaf Small Bowl 12cm 100pcs

£20.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPROUND12
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Palm Leaf Large Round Bowl 18cm 100pcs

£22.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPROUND18
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Palm Leaf Large Round Plate 25cm 25pcs

£9.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPRDPLATE25
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Two compartment plate 27 x 18cm 100pcs

£25.00 +VAT
Product Code: PPREC2718C
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Palm Leaf XL Round Plate 30cm 25pcs

£9.90 +VAT
Product Code: PPRDPLATE30
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Palm Leaf Boat Bowl 10pcs

£2.80 +VAT
Product Code: PPBOAT30
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Large Rectangle Platter 32x26cm 10pcs

£8.80 +VAT
Product Code: PPPLAT3226
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Palm Leaf Oval Platter 34x23cm 10pcs

£8.50 +VAT
Product Code: PPOVAL3423
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