Skewers & Stirrers

We import and supply many types of unusual bamboo skewers and wooden skewers in all shapes and sizes. Bamboo skewers are a good way to present canapé food or use in food preparation.  Bamboo skewers are great for many uses – grilling especially for barbecues, burgers, buffets, chocolate fountains, satay, shish kebabs, skewered vegetables or fruit.  Bamboo skewers are practical and economical, a handy item to keep in the kitchen.

Tip: Soak bamboo skewers in water for at least 20 minutes before grilling to prevent them from burning.

Golf Tee Skewer 12cm

£32.00 +VAT
Product Code: GOLF120
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Bamboo Heart Skewer 12cm 100pcs

£4.00 +VAT
Product Code: HEART120R
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Mini Wood Peg 2.5cm 100pcs

£3.50 +VAT
Product Code: PEG25
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Ball Skewer 15cm 1000pcs

£21.00 +VAT
Product Code: BALL150
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Bamboo Buffet Fork 9cm 1000pcs

£12.00 +VAT
Product Code: BF90
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Crystal Pick Fork Clear or black 11cm 100pcs

Original price was: £5.00.Current price is: £3.50. +VAT
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Black looped skewer 9cm 1000pcs

£23.00 +VAT
Product Code: MUS90B
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Side Spring Bamboo Skewer 1000pcs

£23.00£24.00 +VAT
Product Code: SSPRING120
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Tripod Copper Skewer 10cm 100pcs

£6.00 +VAT
Product Code: TRIPOD100
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Bamboo Tongs 100pcs

£10.50£12.00 +VAT
Product Code: BBTONG
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Green Crystal Pick 9cm 1000pcs

Original price was: £9.60.Current price is: £8.00. +VAT
Product Code: CP90GRN
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Wood Stirrer Square 14cm 1000pcs

£42.00 +VAT
Product Code: LOLLY140SQWOOD
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Crystal Stirrer with an extra sparkle! 12cm 200pcs

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00. +VAT
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Wood Stirrer Round 19cm 1000pcs

£25.00 +VAT
Product Code: STIR190RDW
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