Vacuum Bags

£5.00£35.00 +VAT


High quality vacuum pouches 65mu PA/PE clear. The Vac pack bag creates an airless environment preventing contamination and the growth of microorganisms. Preserves the food and increasing shelf-life up to five times longer.

Freezer safe. Heat sealing temperature 140-195º C

All our bags are BRC/IOP Accredited.

140 x 170mm £5.00 per 200pcs

160 x200mm £8.00 per 200pcs

200 x 300mm £12.00 per 200pcs

300 x 400mm £24.00 per 200pcs

400 x 500mm £35.00 per 200pcs

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140x170mm, 160x200mm, 200x300mm, 300x400mm, 400x500mm

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